Who Am I Now? 

A workshop for women who have developed the habit of putting themselves last. 

A workshop for women who have given everything as carers, parents, or at work, who have been self-sacrificing for some time. Consistently putting yourself last on your own priority list erodes your sense of self.  This workshop a day of self-discovery, an opportunity to remember who you are, to re-engage with your dreams, and to think about your own plans for the future. 

Are you overwhelmed by advice from well-meaning people about what you 'should' do with your life now? Do you want to decide and plan for yourself but are not sure about who you are, or what you want to be and do? Do you want to think about the life in your years and not just the years in your life?


This workshop is for you if:

  • You feel you have given your whole life to your family, job, or profession, and now wonder what’s next

  • You want to break the habit of putting yourself last on your priority list

  • At this stage, you're not sure who you are as a unique individual person without work or dependent family, and others to consider

  • You're not sure of your role and purpose in life now

  • You don't know how to approach your life for the next 20/30/40 years


The purpose of the workshop is to help you:


  • Have a clearer vision of the goals you want, and not the ones you think you should have

  • Have a better understanding of what is getting in your way

  • Have a clearer vision of what of how to approach those goals

  • Decide what you want to do next 




Venue: To be decided.  The venue will be in Galway.

Date:    6th January 2019


9.30 am to 4.30pm.   Teas/coffees and a light lunch included. 

If the date does not suit you, please email or text your name and location to

info@visioncoaching.ie or 086 1072851

This workshop is available to groups or services in area outside of Galway.