Workplace Coaching is known to have a positive impact on professional relationships and the working environment. Tension at work and a prolonged feeling of being overwhelmed can have a detrimental effect on an individual, both professionally and personally. It can often manifest itself in anxiety, regular or long periods of sick leave, or even interpersonal conflict. My personal experience in a high-pressure job, I am very much aware of the many challenges experienced by people working in the administration and delivery of services. Apart from the work itself, there are time constraints; paperwork; funding or concerns about the future of the organisation or business; job security; information overload; fears about knowledge/skills/competence, and much more.  Added to this there are the challenges of working with other humans in a high-pressure environment: temperament, personality traits, management styles, personality clashes etc.


It can be difficult to talk about work related problems when colleagues, managers and leaders are also under pressure. Even in the most caring organisations, some may worry that talking about their difficulties might cause upset or give the impression they are weak and incapable. Others might voice their concerns regularly, and while nobody wants a reputation for being the complainer at work, it will continue until they feel heard and address their frustration.  On the other hand, feeling heard and understood always has positive results. Therefore, talking about work and workplace anxiety to someone other than a colleague or manager can be of real value to the individual, and ultimately to the organisation


Coaching in the workplace is a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space for employees, leaders, managers, and Board members. Participants commonly wish to discuss for example: coping with change, self-confidence and/or feeling inadequate at work, training needs, workplace relationships, work related frustrations, inter-connected issues of work and personal life, and many other topics.


There are many benefits to be gained from workplace coaching, including among others:

  • renewed motivation

  • improved performance

  • preparation for work reviews

  • improved working relationships (identifying and acknowledging how specific behaviours impact on self and others, dealing appropriately with workplace conversations, and identifying triggers that cause emotional responses)

  • learning to focus on solutions rather than problems

  • identifying and acknowledging strengths and weaknesses

  • identifying that which drains energy and causes motivation slumps


The workforce is the greatest asset in any workplace, so that which benefits personnel

, will benefit the organisation.


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Workplace Coaching

A safe, confidential, non-judgemental space to talk and be heard