Lisa Nolan

Having first qualified as a nurse and subsequently as a midwife, Lisa has worked in a diverse range of clinical settings including general hospitals, healthcare Centres of Excellence, street clinics in Calcutta, private hospitals in London, the world-renowned Royal Marsden Clinic and GP Practices in Dublin. A move to the administrative side of healthcare brought her into managerial roles in private clinics and practices, and the non-profit sector where she supported, mentored and coached rotating Board Members into their new roles and responsibilities.

Since qualifying as a coach, Lisa has provided resilience and leadership coaching and training to healthcare professionals, managers, parents and individuals.  With years of experience in guiding patients through healthcare challenges and crises, as well as steering Board Members through times of change in the charities sector, Lisa also draws on her deep knowledge of human physiology and how it can be harnessed to increase personal resilience.  She has designed resilience programmes that help her clients recognise and manage stress, make their health and wellbeing the cornerstones of fulfilled and happy lives, ground themselves and their leadership practices in their core values, reacquaint themselves with their life purpose, reawaken their love for their work, and implement meaningful changes that will last long after the coaching process has ended.  Her Leadership Development Coaching Programme for Nurses and Midwives has been accredited for 10 CEUs from the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland. She has been a member of the CSL Coaching Panel for School Leaders since 2017.


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Dr. Fidelma Farley is a mindful life and business coach who brings her expertise as a mindfulness trainer and practitioner to her coaching practice. Presence, kindness and awareness are the cornerstones of Fidelma's coaching sessions. She holds a space of exploration and discovery, of creativity and encouragement, which enables the client to connect more deeply with their values and with their own vision. She believes that each person has within themselves the resources to grow and develop and to experience a more fulfilling and satisfying life. Her commitment as a coach is to help the client identify what will allow them to achieve this, how to work with external and internal obstacles, and to support them in their path to greater fulfillment in their life and work. 

Her main experience is in helping people to achieve a better work/life balance, building up inner resources of confidence, self-esteem and self-compassion, effectively managing long-term health problems and supporting parenting. Fidelma is an accredited Life, Business and Executive Coach with the Coach Institute of Ireland and a Breathworks Mindfulness Trainer. 






Fergus Grimes is a qualified pharmacist and psychotherapist, and now a business, executive, and personal coach, Fergus brings over 25 years of experience in healthcare, business and leadership roles to his coaching practice. Fergus’s clients include individuals, business owners and leaders who wish to improve their networking and presentation skills, increase their self-efficacy, improve their time management, build effective teams, successfully delegate and nurture future leaders for effective succession planning.   Contact Fergus on 086 8614568 


Dr. Fidelma Farley

Fergus Grimes