Are you happy in your work? Looking for a change?

So you've decided that's it! you've just had it with your job and you want something else. Now you have the question....what's the something else?

Most people know what they don't want but not many know exactly what they do actually want. To decide what you want to do, be, have in your work, you really need to know yourself, otherwise you'll end up with another job that doesn't fit.

Just because you're good at something it doesn't necessarily mean you enjoy doing it every single day. There are questions about yourself, and your career and workplace values to be considered. Actually, the more you know about yourself, the better you will handle interviews. Knowing your strengths and knowing why you are the best person for the job will support you if you get stuck on a technical or knowledge question. You are the best person to do the work because it's exactly right for you, and you for it.

So, how well do you know yourself? Have a good think about these:

I am happiest when ..... I am good at ..... I like to learn by ..... my strengths and weaknesses are ..... I'd like to be better at ..... people who know me would describe me as .... I care about .... I want to start .... stop .... keep .... have/do more of .....

Below is a list of examples of career and workplace values to consider. What work do I want to do, how do I work best, who do I want to work with, what working environment suits me best? Add your own ideas to the list, and mark everything out of 10. If you don't know, then you have more thinking to do, and maybe see a coach or consultant. Realistically, it's difficult to find the perfect job, but at least know what is most important to you.

  1. Financial independence, high salary

  2. Self-employment. Be my own boss

  3. Job security

  4. Like to take a risk.

  5. Leadership: supervising and managing others

  6. Supported and supervised by a team leader

  7. Autonomy and independence. Working and making decisions on my own.

  8. Overcoming challenges. performing tasks that are difficult or new to me

  9. Helping others: individuals or group

  10. Helping society: contributing to the betterment of the world

  11. Prestige: having high standing in the community/society

  12. Continual learning. Personal development

  13. Peaceful work life: low pressure. Enjoy an easy job

  14. Opportunities for internal career progression/ promotion.

  15. High pressure work

  16. Acknowledgement, recognition from leaders and colleagues.

  17. Achievement: doing work that yields results

  18. Making full use of your education and work experience to do your job

  19. Variety: undertaking different tasks

  20. Creativity and artistic expression: using your own ideas and talents

  21. Personal/private quiet working space

  22. Open plan working space. Noisy environment with a lot of colleagues

  23. Multi-national. Opportunities to travel with work.

  24. Non-profit/ community organisation

  25. High profit, high achieving company

  26. Small family business

  27. Workplace relationships: an understanding by leaders of emotional intelligence and appropriate behaviour

  28. Organised outside activities with work colleagues

  29. A working environment that has good conditions. Staff support, handbook etc

  30. Influence: having the opportunity and ability to affect other people's opinions and ideas

  31. Location: close to home/travel time

  32. Flexible hours; work/life balance; time away from work to follow interests and leisure activities

  33. Collaboration/team work: working with others

  34. Fun and enjoyable environment

  35. Working with like-minded people. Finding my ‘tribe’

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