Where does my money go?

A workshop in personal and household budgeting

  • Do you have income but it disappears and you don't know where it's gone? 

  • Do you think about making out a budget, but keep putting it off because you're afraid of what you'll find out?

  • Do you wonder why people with a lower income seem to be able to save, while you're always on the last penny or borrowing?

  • Do regular bills and family events always seem like financial emergencies?  

This workshop is currently in development.  Please send your contact details to info@visioncoaching.ie to allow us to contact you about the dates and venue of this event.    

Coaching in budgeting is also available on a one to one basis,  

A workshop in budgeting and general money management is also in development.  This will include information on mortgages, insurance and savings/investments