Household and personal budgeting

What people say:

"Where does my money go?"

"I often think I must have lost money when I'm out"

"I have a good enough income but I can't save for anything"

"I'm worried about the future because of my borrowings and credit card debt"

"I'm afraid to go out with my friends because money is such an issue and I never know what I can afford"

There are many reasons that people find it difficult to budget and manage their household finances.  Sometimes there doesn’t ever seem to be enough time; there is no agreement in the family unit about priorities: people never learned how to deal with money; and of course, some people are afraid of what they’ll find out if they examine their income/expenditure too closely.  



We coach in budgeting in several ways:  


In person:

We can meet in your home, somewhere neutral or in an office setting. This is available only to people who live in, or are prepared to travel to County Galway at the moment.  


We can provide this service to all areas by Skype.


It is easier to discuss budgeting in a conversation, but quite a bit can be achieved by email. It would require a commitment to respond reasonably promptly to emails, and a facility to scan and send documents.  


Not everyone wants to identify themselves because they are a bit shy about the information they will have to provide. We can provide a service anonymously by email.  If you wish to protect your identity, you could set up a separate email address with no identifying information.  You would require the facility to scan documents (with the names blocked out).


This is budget coaching. We do not offer financial advice, nor do we contact creditors on your behalf.  We can prepare you for contacting creditors yourself.    


We would like to advise that a free Government funded service is available from or 076107 2000 for people coping with unmanageable debt.