Group facilitation and training

A big production with buzz words and jargon can be a distraction for some groups. We keep it simple, informal and all about the participants, but with emphasis on WORKshop.   


Working with other humans


Working in a group to discuss team dynamics and workplace stress.  This is not mediation, nor do we part-take in traditional team-building exercises.  The aim is to spend time with a busy workforce to talk about avoiding situations that bring stress to a workplace where most people just want to get their work done.  We talk about:

  • Understanding personality traits

  • Working and/or management styles 

  • The difference between being bullied and feeling bullied

  • How attitude and behaviour affects people (how they affect us and vice versa)

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-confidence


Planning for the future and adapting to change


Group facilitation for organisations that: 

  • Have decisions to make about the future

  • Are implementing changes in policy or procedures

  • Have employees who are anxious about the future of the of the organisation or any other issue. 


Workshops and training 


Training is provided for groups in general household or personal budgeting.  We can extend this to include financial advice on mortgages and pensions. 

Training for frontline staff of support services and organisations whose clients have difficulty managing a household budget.  How to help the service user with money management while respecting the boundaries of their organisation.