Coaching for individuals 

  • You want to consider your potential and personal development 

  • You are experiencing personal/family changes including dealing with an empty nest and changes in relationships.  

  • You are experiencing, or want, a workplace change: including retirement, redundancy, career change, or promotion, and you are worried about your new role, or you don't know where you want to go next.  

  • You have been a carer for some time and now find you need to start over

  • You don't know why you are where you are

  • You are looking for a change in direction, but you don't know exactly what you want, how you would get there, or even where to start.   

Do you ask yourself where you're going and what you've really been doing in the last years? Have you been forced to retire from work?  Do you find it hard to remember the person you used to be and hoped to be? Do you find yourself becoming resentful and sad because after many years rearing your children you now realise, because they left home, that you're not sure who you are or what could bring purpose and fulfillment to your life? Is life suddenly asking you to account for yourself and you just don't have the answers? Maybe you have a great life but it feels that something is missing? Where to now?


Life coaching is an opportunity for people to focus and move forward with personal goals or deal with some immediate issue that is causing concern.  Coaching is not therapy so it does not deal with health, trauma or hurt/pain from the past that requires counselling or medical treatment.  We do help people to see where they are now, and how they can look forward and plan for the future. The coaching process involves:


  • Identifying a topic or issue that you would like to change defining what you want and don’t want in life and what you want to accomplish.  

  • Exploring ideas and options.  This will involve conversations that can sometimes be a bit challenging, but the aim is to develop a clear vision of what is important and provide an opportunity to set goals.

  • Examining and addressing barriers that have stood in your way and stopped you living a life that is as productive and fulfilling as you would want. Sometimes, people find that the biggest barrier is their own lack of self-belief.  

  • An action plan for your goals to help you move forward. 

  • Refining and reflecting:  this is to support you and help you to remain motivated to work through your plan and achieve your goals.  


The coaching relationship is very important, so it is essential that you have the right coach that you can relate to and trust enough to talk to about your very personal thoughts.  There are ‘6 Rs’ that are basic to coaching and must be there from day one of the coaching experience. They are: rights; (mutual) respect; recognition; relationship; representation; and responsibility.  These principals are essential, but just as important are:  confidentiality, trust, patience and unconditional regard.  When all of these are in place and you find your coach to be a good listener and easy to talk to, and you are open and prepared to do the work, then you are well on the road to a new beginning.