Executive coaching 

Acknowledge > decide > persevere > accomplish.

For those who find it challenging to set, attain and sustain goals, and/or manage employees


  • For people in a managerial role who have a job to do but are operating in a challenging workplace.  This coaching is for you if you:

    • find it difficult to set goals and stick to them

    • lose confidence when challenged by the workforce or your line managers

    • are unsure of your leadership style 

    • are concerned about your communication skills

    • need to improve on your self-awareness and understanding of your impact on others

    • need clarity about how you see your personal impact and profile within the organisation


  • For organisations that manage staff and manage the managers. Executive coaching is about developing skills and job performance; it’s about enabling individuals to become leaders, so they can do their job and you can do yours.  





See also Workplace Coaching for issues of wellness at work.