Coaching is for people who want to make changes and move forward, but are not sure how to make it happen.  It can help you achieve things you haven't even imagined yet. 



'Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance' - John Whitmore 



If you are not the creative and driving force in your life, then why not?


Coaching is a powerful tool for those adapting to, or hoping for change - in life, workplace, or organisation.  


Coaching is a lifeline for people who find it difficult to set, achieve and sustain goals.  

Coaching involves a confidential conversation, founded on trust, where the coach engages is active listening, and the client is fully aware that they are recognised, respected and heard (possibly for the first time). There is unconditional regard for the client and no judgements.  It focuses on helping the client to find answers to questions they may not even know they had; to discover their own solutions, and concentrate on future possibilities rather than past mistakes. The success of coaching depends on how much the client is prepared to engage with the process and to work towards a more fulfilled future. Be your own superhero!



Coaching can help people to recognise their potential by examining whom they want to be, what they want to do, and what they want to have. This provides awareness of how they live, and how this fits with their life purpose. The benefits can include: enhanced life satisfaction; improvement in personal relationships; development and awareness of skills and abilities, and potentially boosting performance in the workplace; it can also raise awareness and develop skills for dealing with current and potential life challenges.  Coaching is not therapy, counselling, or mentoring.  


‘To be listened to is a striking experience, partly because it is so rare.  When another person is totally with you – leaning in, interested in every word, eager to empathise – you feel known and understood’   -  Kimsey–House et al: Co-active Coaching 


‘Sometimes, when someone listens to you/ cares about what you say, and how you say it/ explores your thoughts further/ seeks to understand you, it can be like basking in sunlight.  When we experience this kind of listening, we are able to open up, as we feel valued and acknowledged. It’s almost as though we grow larger in the conversation, simply because of the quality of the other person’s listening’ -  J. Starr:The Coaching Manual.